MoEP EU-Twinning

RTA Counterpart Ayelet Ben Ami

alt=  © Photo Credit: Ayelet Ben Ami My name is Ayelet Ben Ami. I am here as the Resident Twinning Advisor Counterpart in the new EU Twinning Project between my "usual" place of work, Israel’s Ministry of Environment Protection and its counterparts in Germany, Austria and Northern Ireland. This is my second project in this position. The first Twinning project was from May 2013 until February 2015.
I am married with two grown up sons and one grandson. A lawyer by training, I have been working at the MoEP for more than 20 years. The last and this current Twinning project are of crucial importance in helping us advance towards an integrated environmental permitting of industry. Experts on environmental permitting, inspection, environmental management systems, resource efficiency and other issues have been giving us input that we wouldn't be able to receive anywhere else.