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Municipal Groupings and Contractual Arrangements
 General Project documents:EnglischHebrew
 Twinning Project Overview (RTA: Gabriele Schramm)  
 Twinning Project Overview (MoEP Resident Twinning Advisor: Ayelet Ben Ami)  
 Twinning Project 2nd quarter - Reporting Period (RTA: Gabriele Schramm)  
 Twinning Project 3rd quarter - Reporting Period (RTA: Gabriele Schramm)  
 Twinning Project 4rd quarter - Reporting Period (RTA: Gabriele Schramm)  
 Documents Component 1:
 EPA vs. EN standards (STE's: Dr. D. Wildanger, Dr. J. Peschke)  
 Classification of Waste Treatment Operations (STE's: B. Karigl, E. Gerlach)  
 Waste classification – Austrian Practice (STE: B. Karigl)  
 Manual of Classification of Waste (STE's: E. Gerlach, B. Karigl)  
 IED (Art. 22) Baseline Report - obligation and consequences (STE: J. Frauenstein)  
 Soil protection issues in the baseline report (STE: J. Frauenstein) 
 Values for excavated soils to differentiate between waste for recovery and waste for disposal (STE: J. Frauenstein) 
 Environmental Permitting in the UK (STE: J. Saeger) 
 Documents Component 2:
 Environmental Aspects - Gaining Control by Environmental Assurance
 (STE: Dr. Rainer Feld)
Best practice examples within the Eco-Management and Audit scheme - EMAS
 (STE: Monika Brom)
 Energy Efficiency Pays Off! Illustrated by a Cross-sector Technology: Compressed Air
 (STE: Dr. Rainer Feld)
 Documents Component 3:
 Resource Efficiency Policy and Experiences in Europe and Germany
 (STE: Dr. Ch. Kuehne)
 Economical Potential for Resource Efficiency in the Manufacturing Industry
 (STE: W. Maass)
 Protect Resources - Strengthen the Economy
 (STE: M.Graf)
 Guidance on a ‚Mini‘ Energy Management System
 (STE's: H.J. Poremski, Dr. Rainer Feld)
 Guidance on Selected Examples in Industry, Commerce and Service Sector
 (STE: H.J. Poremski
 Stakeholder Workshop
 (STE: J. Junker)
Organic Municipal Waste Treatment (STE's: G. Byrne, S. Truesdale) 
 Landfill Cover and Management (STE: G. Byrne) 
 Data Segmentation (STE's: G. Byrne, S. Truesdale) 
 Municipal Groupings and Contractual Arrangements (STE: G. Byrne) 
 Recommendations Summary (STE's: G. Byrne, S. Truesdale)