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JPL Sabah Nait and Dr. Robert Ramsey

alt= Dr. Roy Ramsay, Junior Project Leader UK, and Ms Sabah Nait, Junior Project Leader Austria
© Photo Credit: Gabi Schramm
Hello, we are Sabah Nait and Dr. Robert Ramsay, the two Junior project leaders of this Twinning project. The Environment Agency Austria nominated Ms Sabah Nait as Junior Project leader on behalf of Austria (junior partner of this project). She has more than 15 years of experience in co-operation with international organizations and she is working as EU Member States Project Leader, Co-Project Leader, Project Manager or Short Term Expert in numerous Twinning projects and other European projects both, in European Neighborhood Programme (ENP) partner countries as well as in new EU Member states. Ms Nait obtained her degree in Biology from the Université de Technologie, Compiègne–France. She is living in Vienna and is speaking French, Arabic, German and English fluently. Dr Robert Ramsay is the UK Junior Project Leader. He has 40 years of experience in the environmental sector. A former Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency, his responsibilities included for four directorates within the Agency, covering Environmental Protection, the Natural Heritage, the Built heritage and Corporate Services. Dr Ramsay obtained his BSc Chemistry from the Queens University Belfast as well as his PhD in Chemistry. He lives in Belfast. Both junior projects leaders have been working together with the Israeli and the German Project leader in this project for the last two years, where they have managed implementation and execution of the project. They also co-chaired the steering committee's quarterly meetings.