MoEP EU-Twinning

Michael Bass
MS Project Leader,
Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, Germany

PL M. Bass  © Photo Credit: My name is Michael Bass, I am the senior project leader of this Twinning project. A lawyer by education, I hold both German and US law degrees. I have 20 years of experience in German environmental administration, both in technical and human resource departments, and have been involved in environmental cooperation with EU accession countries for over a decade as well. In this respect, I have been the Twinning project leader in projects in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey. Since Twinning projects have been available to countries in the ENP region, I have been responsible for projects in Egypt and, of course, Israel, where this is my second Twinning project as a project leader. Twinning projects in the ENP region are particularly satisfying. Our partners are solely involved because they are interested in the subject matter. This holds especially true for our Israeli partners and we very much appreciate the cooperation and the Israeli commitment to the projects. In this Twinning project, I am responsible for the implementation and execution of the project, co-chairing the steering committee's quarterly meetings and supporting Ms Gabi Schramm, the RTA, in the coordination of the German input. I am married with a daughter, and live in Berlin, where I had the pleasure to host my counterpart, Ms Shuli Nezer, and a delegation of the Israeli Twinning team.