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RTA Gabriel Schramm

RTA Gabriel Schramm  © Photo Credit: Schramm My name is Gabriele Schramm. I am here as the Resident Twinning Advisor in the new EU Twinning Project with Israel’s Ministry of Environment Protection. This my first project in this position, so I can say that I am new at this, but I’m very closely connected with the scope of work. From 2005 until 2009 I participated in three different twinning projects in Romania, and I was a short-term expert in the previous twinning project in Israel. In addition to these twinning activities I worked from October 2009 until January 2010 in the European Chemical Regions Network in Brussels. During this time I gained first-hand experiences in working in European institutions in the European capital.
I am married and I have two grown up sons, though my husband did not join me for my adventure in Israel. In Germany, I live in a village near Gießen, approximately 50 km away from Frankfurt in the federal state of Hessen. In my free time I like to do sports, read books and travel around the world. I have an MA in Engineering of Material Science and I was trained in the environmental field. Since 1992, I have been working in a regional government office, which includes an environmental division. Before I started this project, I worked in the field of integrated permitting procedures and inspection of IPPC installations. Therefore, I have comprehensive experience in the application of best available techniques and the implementation of the environmental impact assessments. The issue of public participation and public access to environmental information has been an important aspect of my daily work in Germany, as was the involvement of NGOs.
In addition, I organized meetings, training sessions, and events as a coordinator at “Umweltallianz Hessen” (Alliance for the Environment in Hessen). This organization is for operators from industry, business and trade, representatives of the chamber of commerce, and environmental authorities – all of whom work together in order to tackle various environmental problems. This experience will come in handy during my Twinning tenure, as my Israeli counterpart, Ms. Ayelet Ben Ami, and I will organize a multitude of meetings, workshops, and other public events as part of the project.
My challenge over the next two years is to manage the project, to learn more about this country, and to enjoy life in Tel Aviv. After the first few months, I can already say the time is flying by, and the experience of living here has been excellent. I am sure the project will have a successful outcome.