MoEP EU-Twinning

1st Steering Committee Meeting

At the first steering committee meeting, the successful launch of the Twinning project was confirmed: There had been 6 missions, covering all 3 components, and a successful kick-off event. In all of these, experts, project leaders and other representatives from all 3 project countries (Germany, Austria and UK) participated. Both Mr. Michael Bass, the German project leader, and Mr. Roy Ramsey, junior project leader (UK), stressed the importance of collaboration of the three EU member state countries in this project, a major difference to the last Twinning project (which was with Germany only). Both representatives of the EU delegation, as well as the Israeli project leader, Ms Shuli Nezer (MoEP), concurred. Ms Nezer added that the immense success of the last Twinning project raised high expectations for the current one.

Trilateral exchange
Round table
Constructive discussions
   © Photo Credit: Benjamin Rosendahl

After the new Resident Twinning Advisor, Ms Gabi Schramm, summarized the first quarter in her presentation, and gave an outlook for the future development of the project, together with her counterpart, Ms Ayelet Ben-Ami, the parties discussed administrative and professional issues. They all agreed that the collaboration between experts from the different countries, and between the experts and the MoEP, has been extraordinarily good so far, and that the first quarter has been meeting all expectations.

Everyone parted with wishes for a successful continuation and for a happy new Jewish and general year (the next SCM is in 2016) and was greeted with a blessing of the first rain after a long and dry summer.