MoEP EU-Twinning

First Odour Workshop in Israel

In mid-November, a Twinning mission on the German Odor Ordinance (abbreviated in German as GIRL) and its systematic approach took place. This is the first time European odor experts came to Israel to support the MoEP on odor nuisance.
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The agenda of the week consisted of four workshops and one day of site visits. There was a very intensive dialogue on principles, questions and details of the methodology and of how to solve odor complains in both Germany and Israel. This mission gave an introduction to the German Odor Guideline combined with the European EN Standards and showed the differences to the current methodology in Israel. The following topics were discussed during the workshops: The day in the field consisted of a visit to a compost plant installation near Haifa, a livestock farm in the Northern district and Israel's only odor lab, the " Newe Ya'ar Research Center" for Plant Sciences, Animal Science, Plant Protection, Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Engineering, and Postharvest and Food Sciences. The STEs presented in this short mission most relevant tools to address odor complains in a reliable way by the methods of the European standard Guidelines, the German VDI Guidelines and the German Odor Ordinance. The expectations of the STEs, the Twinning team and the beneficiary country seem to be fulfilled for the workshops were very well attended.
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